Relieve Digestive Problems with Herbal Tea


There’s nothing like a warm drink to relax that tied-up-in-knots feeling and soothe away dis¬comforts. If you suffer from any digestive problem, make it a cup of herbal tea.


Remember the candy canes and melt-in-your-mouth soft peppermints from childhood? That same cooling scent may be the herald of sweet relief.

By far the most effective herbal therapy for adults, this mint can relax the smooth muscles lin¬ing your intestines – a big help when it comes to an irritable bowel. Peppermint may also help stomach pain, stomach growling, gas, and bloating. To make a weak tea, pour one cup of boiling water over a heaping tablespoon of peppermint tea leaves, and steep for five minutes.

Drink a cup between meals, but no more than four cups a day. To make a stronger tea, pour two-thirds of a cup of boiling water over two tablespoons of freshly dried peppermint leaves. Let it steep for about five to six minutes and strain.

If you suspect peppermint may be the guilty party behind heartburn, you can take enteric coated capsules half an hour before eating. Don’t try peppermint remedies on small children since the strong scent can make them gag.


Like peppermint, chamomile tea soothes muscle spasms. Drink freshly brewed tea three to four times a day for fast relief. Use dried flower heads or buy extracts from reputable companies for best results. If you have allergies to ragweed or daisies, try peppermint instead.

Chamomile not only makes great tea, its natural healing properties have been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments. The ancient Egyptians used it to treat everything from anxiety and insomnia to dizziness, laryngitis, and skin conditions.

Today, this safe, wonder herb is best known for relieving nausea, stomach cramps, and gas. The high flavonoid content of chamomile makes it an important cancer fighter. Some research suggests this remarkable little flower even helps slow the growth of cancer cells. With more and more health experts getting wise to the benefits of herbal medicine, chamomile may soon prove to be the cure-all of the century.


Ginger has been known as a star digestive remedy for hundreds of years. The ancient Greeks welcomed the arrival of ginger and quickly put it to good use as a digestive aid. Ginger relieves the uncomfortable feeling caused by overeating by increasing the speed that the stomach empties. To lighten the load a big meal placed on the digestive system, the Greeks would end an evening of fabulous feasting by eating some ginger wrapped in bread. Eventually, this practice evolved into the world’s first cookie – gingerbread.

To help treat cramping and indigestion, add fresh ginger to your diet. You can eat it raw, candied, or make a tea – just steep two teaspoons of grated root in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Strain and sip slowly.

Ginger is also famous for quieting queasiness. In fact, this herbal superstar has such a good reputation that a pound of this warming spice was once worth the price of a sheep.

RSI Prevention: All About Computer Keyboards


When choosing a keyboard for your computer, do not just think about its look, function, and whether it will match your computer system or not. More importantly, consider your health by making sure that your keyboard will not cause your repetitive stress injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome when you use it often and for long periods of time.


A computer keyboard is a computer peripheral used as a data input device for keying in characters and commands to control the operation of the computer. It consists of letters, numbers, and symbols partially arranged and modeled after the typewriter keyboard. It also has additional functions for computer-specific commands. The keys are pressed simultaneously to perform these commands.


Types of Computer Keyboards


First, there is the basic computer keyboard. In principle, the basic keyboard design is governed by the ISO/IEC 9995 international standard. It is a flat rectangular pad with a keyboard cable that connects to the back of the computer hardware or CPU. It corresponds to the operating system and software.


Your second option would be an illuminated keyboard. This is a computer keyboard that uses a special backlight that allows the keys to be easily seen when working in poorly lit areas. It is ideally used at night.


Then, there is the ergonomic keyboard, a special keyboard that follows the natural contours of the fingers, palms, and hands. It provides the most relaxing and harmless way of typing on a keyboard. It is ideal for those who type or access the computer the whole day, since it is made with a palm and thumb rest. Its keys are arranged to provide the utmost comfort.


There is also what is known as the industrial keyboard. An industrial keyboard follows the standard specification designs for a rackmount cabinet. It has system security and space conservation features. It is made from heavy-duty and high-grade materials to withstand industrial operations.


If you are left-handed, you may want to get a left-handed computer keyboard that is especially designed for the lefties. It’s left and right sides are switched to make it easier to use.


Finally, there is the wireless keyboard. A wireless keyboard does not need a cable to connect to the computer. Instead, it uses infrared or Bluetooth technology. It is powered by batteries. However, it poses an “eavesdropping” security risk.


Choosing a Computer Keyboard


Aside from its function, design, and ease of use, keyboards should make your working life easier and prevent you from building stress and tension on your hands and wrist. Thus, the perfect keyboard to choose is the one that provides comfort and ergonomics for your fingers and hand. A wireless keyboard can also be a good choice since you will not be limited by a cord and you can move it closer to your body for ease and comfort, too.



More importantly, no matter how perfect and ergonomically-created your keyboard is, you should still not let typing and computer work get the best of you. Take a break once in a while to prevent stress and injuries on your hands.