How to Talk to Your Child about Cancer

Part of the pain and difficulty of being diagnosed with cancer is breaking the news to your family, especially to your children. Most probably, they will not understand the situation at first. But telling them about it is necessary; to prepare them for whatever will happen in the future. Talk to your children in simple language, one that they would… More →

The Many Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

It is widely accepted that a vegetarian diet, if properly planned, is healthier and more nutritious than a non-vegetarian diet. Studies also show that people who adopted vegetarian diets are less prone to illness and serious disease compared to people whose diets are largely based on meat products. Below are some benefits associated with vegetarian diets. Food comprising vegetarian diets… More →

Common Herbal Supplements

For thousands of years, Chinese herbs and medicines have been resorted to in curing maladies. Today, they are making their ranks and even competing against manufactured pills and tablets from Europe and the United States. An advantage of these herbal medicines over pharmaceutical drugs is their minimal risk of side effects. The philosophy behind this traditional treatment is the perception… More →

The Rewards of Blood Donation

A steady supply of blood in hospitals is very important because emergencies like vehicular accidents, miscarriage, and others regularly happen. These emergencies require the immediate transfusion of blood. The widespread prevalence of some seasonal and blood-related diseases like dengue also entails large amounts of blood to be available. In addition, medical conditions that require blood transfusion include cancer and iron… More →

Natural Treatments for Dandruff and Hair Loss

Not all remedies for your dandruff and hair problems are to be found in the stores and markets. In fact, the most effective treatment for such problems are such that could be found in your very own household. Amazingly, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are good treatment bases for treating dandruff. Traditional and natural medicine offers numerous ways of… More →

Relieve Digestive Problems with Herbal Tea

There’s nothing like a warm drink to relax that tied-up-in-knots feeling and soothe away dis¬¨comforts. If you suffer from any digestive problem, make it a cup of herbal tea. Peppermint Remember the candy canes and melt-in-your-mouth soft peppermints from childhood? That same cooling scent may be the herald of sweet relief. By far the most effective herbal therapy for adults,… More →